Beautiful Banff, Alberta

The suggested itineraries for visiting Banff, Alberta, in addition to the top Banff attractions. This trip is ideal for a family vacation, sightseeing, and pursuing action-packed hobbies like road trips and hiking.


Located in Alberta, Canada’s Ba National Park, Banff is a town. Around 126 kilometres (78 miles) west of Calgary and 58 kilometres (36 miles) east of Lake Louise, it is situated in the Alberta Rockies alongside the Trans-Canada Highway. Banff, after Lake Louise, is the community in Alberta with the second-highest elevation, with a range of 1,400 m (4,600 ft) to 1,630 m (5,350 ft). In a Canadian national park, the Town of Banff was the first town to be founded. A participant in the Calgary Regional Partnership is the town. One of Canada’s most well-known resort towns, Banff is renowned for its alpine environment and hot springs. It is a popular sports location with lots of hiking, bicycling, scrambling, and skiing trails nearby. The three nearest ski areas in the national park are Sunshine Village, Ski Norquay, and Lake Louise Mountain Resort. Hot springs on Sulphur Mountain, which offer tourists magnificent views from their bathing facilities above Bow Falls, are another important tourist attraction. These hot springs are temporarily closed because of renovations until further notice.( Pls. check on Banff for the timings and Schedule)

A small town in the Canadian Rockies known for its rocky settings and hot springs, Banff is situated within Banff National Park.(

A variety of hotels, restaurants, and riverbank parkland makes it a well-liked tourist destination.

Driving time to Banff from Calgary International Airport is approximately 1 hour and 22 minutes.

From the Calgary International Airport, you can travel to Banff via bus, train, vehicle, and other modes of transportation.

  • Depending on where you are in proximity to Banff and whether you have luggage, a taxi from the airport can cost anywhere between $100 and $200. There are plenty of taxis ready to take you into town just outside the airport terminal (or elsewhere). However, if you’re on a tight schedule or a tight budget and don’t mind walking a little longer after your trip, this alternative can be the best choice for you.
  • Hire a car at the airport: If driving is your preferred mode of transportation while touring the Alberta Rockies, this choice is ideal for starting an adventure full of spectacular drives through untamed wilderness and breathtaking scenery! The Calgary International Airport is home to numerous rental car agencies, all of which offer a wide variety of automobiles.

The Banff Airporter bus is another option, but it is pricey. You’ll have to pay $157 CDN roundtrip for each participant. For this reason, I strongly advise renting a car.

The best way to get from Calgary to Banff is by car. You can also take the Banff Airporter bus, but it is expensive.It will cost you $157 CAD per person return trip. That’s why I highly recommend to rent a car.

When you stop at Canmore or Exshaw along the route to stretch your legs and have some food or drinks, the drive takes roughly two hours and thirty minutes one way. There are a lot of things to do in Banff when you get there, like go to Lake Minnewanka or trek the Cascade Mountain Trail, which is a short hike that offers breathtaking views of the park.

The Canadian Rockies’ Banff is a small town known for its hot springs and rocky environs. It is located in Banff National Park.

Step 1: Lake Louise

A stunning lake called Lake Louise can be found in Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park. Tourists frequently travel there because of its location in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. From Lake Louise Village, the Moraine Lake Road, the Lake Louise campground, or the Sunshine Village ski resort, one can travel to the lake by doing so.

There are other little towns along the route to the lake, such Field, where you can stop for food or to buy for trinkets and gifts.

Step 2: Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon is the next location on your tour of Banff National Park. Although being a short trip, Johnston Canyon rewards tourists with stunning scenery and the chance to witness waterfalls. The Higher Trailhead and Lower Trailhead are two distinct ways that you can use to get there. We advise visiting both if you’re short on time or just want to get some exercise before your trip resumes because the Higher Trailhead is only around 1.5 kilometers from the main parking area and the Lower Trailhead is only about 3 kilometers.

After you get to Johnston Canyon, you’ll be in a little canyon with a few small falls lining it; these are great for photos as well as locations where kids can splash around and cool off on hot summer days. This region is great for relaxing and taking in the beauty of nature while listening to its soothing noises, which include trickling waterfalls and birdsong throughout most seasons. At least one waterfall in this area plunges over 20 meters into a big pool below (except winter).

Step 3: Moraine Lake

A stunning lake can be found in Alberta, Canada’s Banff National Park: Moraine Lake. It is 3 kilometres (about 20 minutes) by automobile from the town of Banff. Mountains and pine-tree-filled woodlands encircle the glistening waterways. Several photographers travel here to capture images of the mountain peaks as they appear in the ocean.

If you are not very attentive or when there is snow on the route, which includes several twists heading to Moraine Lake, it could be dangerous.

Step 4: Jasper

Alberta, Canada’s Jasper is home to this community. One of the most well-liked tourist locations in the nation, it provides a staggering variety of activities.

Train, bus, and rental car are just a few of the transportation options available. Even though the Jasper Sky Tram is still being built, you can ride it this summer.

There is no need to travel because you are in town. Nearly anything may be discovered by foot. Around the main street, there are many eateries and shops. Be sure you won’t walk around alone at night because there is a lot of animals, including bear and mountain lions near the town, and most places close at 5 o’clock.

A lot is available in Banff. Nearly everything can be explored on foot, but if you want to venture off the main drag, Sulphur Mountain has a free gondola that will take you there (Enjoy great views of Banff and all around). In the town: The main street is surrounded by a large number of eateries and shops. Moreover, Banff Souvenirs is a store where you can buy pretty much anything associated with Banff National Park (sweatshirts, t-shirts, stickers…). These would be the greatest options if you were seeking for souvenirs.

Also, there are other hotels close by, including The Fairmont, The Banff Springs Hotel & Resort, and The Rimrock Resort Hotel & Conference Center.

In the summer or the winter, Banff is a stunning destination for a vacation.

There are many sights and activities to enjoy at Banff National Park, whether you’re planning a trip there in the winter or a summertime adventure.

  • Visit the hot springs: This is a wonderful location for pictures, especially around dusk. You should absolutely check it out!
  • Explore the wildlife: There are numerous locations where you can see animals like moose and grizzly bears. Likewise, keep a look out for them!
  • Eat at one of the restaurants: The meal is excellent here! With so many options close by, you’ll never get hungry.


In the summer or the winter, Banff is a stunning destination for a vacation. In one day, you can experience all four seasons in Banff. There are also several lovely lakes, so you may go hiking and take in the scenery.

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